Saint Lane

Saint Lane is an anomaly. In just over a year since his debut single Compliment My Shirt, genre-fusing rapper/singer/songwriter Saint Lane has played shows across the country with J.I.D., Lime Coridale, Slum Sociable, Baker Boy, Bootleg Rascal & Earl Sweatshirt. Clocked over one million streams on Spotify, played Ultra Festival in South Korea, had 3 singles added to rotation on Triple J, been shared by TheNeedleDrop and No Jumper, feature articles in Billboard, GQ, NME & The Guardian to critical acclaim. He’s worked in Los Angeles with Andrew Dawson (Kanye West’s engineer/producer) & Mike Malchicoff (Kids See Ghosts producer) and most recently released a clothing collaboration with Struthless all before turning 25.

Born in Auckland to Fijian and French parents Lane was an aspiring stand up comedian who also happened to be a gifted athlete. His family moved to the Gold Coast when Lane was 14 for a rugby union scholarship however breaking his sternum in 2012 put an end to his brief representative rugby career. Lane quit standup comedy in 2013 and began a music career with his duo Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell. The LHXIC project had small domestic success landing multiple Australian tours with 360, Tech N9ne, Seth Sentry, Allday & Tkay Maidza as well as one song added to Triple J at the end of 2017. In 2018 the duo amicably split for Lane to begin working on a solo career produced by The Griswold’s Danny Duke while Ike Campbell began producing for singer-songwriter Lily Papas. Lane’s solo outing with Danny Duke would soon be known as Saint Lane.

Saint Lane’s sound is a creative melting pot. GQ Magazine called him “the rapper who looks and sounds like no one else” however Lane sees himself as the sound child of his influences who stretch from Tame Impala to Tyler the Creator to John Mayer to Childish Gambino. He is a step ahead of the curb in the fashion world too, citing Jonah Hill, Shia LaBeouf and Kanye West as his biggest style moguls. With his own sound and his own image Saint Lane releasing debut project titled If I Leave You In The Fire is his next goal in sight.



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Saint Lane