Camp Reserved Sites

From $150 / 3 nights

Usually used by people with a Caravan / Large Tent  or RV . 

2 sites can be booked next to each other on request.

Also required if you have booked a Camplify caravan to be delivered.


  • 1 Car Pass 
  • 10amp power access 
  • 1 Caravan / RV or Camper trailer pass 
  • 8m by 8m of space 
  • Maximum of 6 people per site 
  • Yes additional cars can be stored on the site if accompanied by a car pass 
  • Is required if booking a Camplify Van below – we will arrange set up access prior to your arrival

If you book a camplify van you will need to book a site as above so they can deliver it prior to your arrival 

Check out Camplify options by heading to their site – just make sure when you book they know your heading to FOTSUN and they will sort you out with info 

What's Camplify!? 

  • This site offers dry hire of caravans and campervans either selfdrive or delivered to site 
  • The caravans are usually privately owned (like Air bnb) and are a great walk in walk out option for FOTSUN customers 
  • The owner will deliver your booked caravan to a powered site at FOTSUN ready for you to use, Camplify staff will be onsite to oversee the whole process and assist you similar to a hotel front desk staff member. 
  • Once you book a Camplify Package via FOTSUN, Camplify Staff will then correspond with you directly to take bonds, sign terms and conditions agreements and confirm your booking